WeRIndonesian : An Indonesian Rotation Curation

What is Rotation Curation? #RotationCuration or #RotCur is the concept of rotating the spokesperson on a broad scoped social media account. Such a scope can be a location, a country, an organisation, a group, and so on.

The concept originated December 10, 2011, when Svenska Institutet and VisitSweden launched Curators of Sweden. The project hands the official Twitter account @Sweden to a new Swedish person every week to manage, with the expressed goal to manifest Swedish diversity and progressiveness through their own personality.

How about Indonesia ?

Indonesia has launched its Rotation Curation Twitter @WeRIndonesian at March 13, 2013. Its concept basically is not different with other countries’ RC. In this account, the curators will share anything comes out from their mind. Sharing their opinions, knowledge, experience and anything. About the culture, peoples, foods, places, education, politics, environment, etc. The Curators of @WeRIndonesian will be shifted every Wednesday. The curator would be from an Indonesian which live from various places & cities in Indonesia and aboard.