Being An Open-Minded Person

New year, new me.

We all know that we don’t have to wait until New Year to start something new or something better. But we want to share an interesting article. Somehow, we have to see the world in different point of view, to restrain our ego, to listen to other’s opinion, and of course to make ourselves happier. Being an open minded person is one of some ways to be happier. But how to be an open-minded person?




Here we go..

If we increase the activity of our brain for at least 1 hour every day by innovative thinking or being stimulated by new experiences, we can be smarter, more energetic, more creative, more able to socialize, and be able to receive a variety of new experiences including enjoying the change of our way of thinking.
The key is always being open to any new experience and ready to change the old mindset if necessary.

Some tips that need to be done to stimulate our brains are as follows:


1)      Don’t  let your brain stops working when you’re waiting for something, queuing, or when you have nothing to do. Try to count silently, to calculate multiples of 2, such as 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and so on. Or do other things that can stimulate the intelligence. Do not play on Facebook or any social media while waiting in the line because it can’t make you more open-minded and doesn’t make you more intelligent.

2)      Review your ‘belief system’. If so far you believe that science is everything, try to find if there is something that can’t be explained by science. Likewise, if you believe all this time that God is the beginning of everything, try to find if there is something that can’t be explained by the existence of god. If all this time your favorite food is ‘opor ayam’, try to enjoy other kind of food. You will also know why people like ‘gado-gado’ or maybe ‘lontong sayur’.


3)      Reach the highest point that can be achieved by your body. Do the most strenuous exercise you can do, or do your mind by thinking the hardest thing ever. Do something to feel what it was like to experience other sensations such as sitting on the ice, playing rubic cube, spin a pencil on your finger, or sleeping on the floor. You can try whatever you think is pretty sensational. In this way you will have a new data stored in your memory and it can be used for subsequent perception.


4)      Simulate all your senses. Go to enjoy some paintings and observe why they could be liked by others. Listen to the music that you think sucks, such as trumpet music or classical music. Watch for the type of movie you do not like, such as a romantic drama movie or even cartoon. Find out what is causing people likes those movies. Try also to play the guitar or piano and finish the whole song you selected.


5)      Try to hang out with people from various communities, economic levels, and lifestyles. Such as taxi drivers, minibus drivers, security guards, office boy, toll gate keeper, manager, member of the party, mosque / church officer, and any others. If you are waiting for something and there are strangers by your sides, try to open a conversation with them and observe why it is so easy to start communication.

6)      Learn something new. If you’ve never cooked, try to search for some cooking recipes and do any testing. Learn various languages ​​and do it. Watch some films on Discovery Channel or Animal Planet. Reduce watching soap operas because there is nothing you can get from there. Or you can emulate Leonardo da Vinci who wrote his notes with letters from back to front. Furthermore, try to draw something. Start of drawing with pencil or crayon to draw the other.


7)      Learn various cultures that exist. Learn also how political or religious views of others. Maybe it will make you feel nauseous at first, but continue your efforts so that you know how far the political views and religion of others of even yours. See if there is an ego that plays there or not, and if there is another look at why it may appear. Try to enjoy cuisine from different regions or countries and observe why it could be liked by other people.


8)      Eliminate your fears. Don’t be afraid to disassemble damaged equipments. Try to unload your damaged phone by using the instructions from YouTube. Even if you can’t return it, yet there is a handyman service that can do it, but try it first without any hesitation.


9)      Try to close your eyes and your ears, then do your activities as usual. You will know how to do things differently but have the same expected results. Try also to type by your toe thumbs.


10)   Play a strategic game (such as Sim City) or games that require coordination of eyes, hands and mind (such as Need for Speed). Try to imagine and wonder why there are many stories of people missing in Bermuda triangle and other mysteries that haven’t been revealed until now.


11)   Try to do some travelling. You will meet with various types of people and you will see so many things that haven’t been in your memory data.


12)   If you’re in a holiday, try to enjoy the day without checking the time. For Indonesia, this can be difficult because the sound of the ‘azan’ automatically notifies you what time is it about, unless you’re in a soundproof room.



These 12 tips can be summarized into 3 pieces top tips:
1. Observe your own thoughts. Life is filled with choices. Why do you prefer A than B. What are the arguments in favor of that choice, and also if you are able to change the option A to B. If you’re not able, think about what causes it and whether you are able to change the cause of it.
2. You have to do a lot of observation and trial and error. The trial of all the things you don’t know if it exists at the chance and the opportunity to try it. You must be ready to accept something new and if necessary, change your point of view in accordance with the new terms.
3. Think about what others think and think about what arguments in favor of this opinion. If you think the argument is wrong, think about why it can go wrong and what causes the error. You should be able to think of ALL the possibilities that exist as far as you are able. You won’t be called as an open-minded person as long as you just stick to one or several possibilities only.


This article is written by Lambang MH ( and translated by JeniRahman.


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